The Importance Of Death In The Holocaust

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Humanity is lost. There is no value for human life. The dead people are not given a proper burial. Burial is done in mass where, the grave is torrid with human blood. The raiders kick and force open the doors and kill the innocent souls. The whole place is filled with the stench of blood. The moon is personified as being compassionate enough to show the way in the night to the people who are searching for their near and dear ones. The whole world has become upside down. The living people experience an eternal sorrow, danger and death. Whereas the dead and the departed souls ‘are blessed with an instant death.’ Between 1941 and 1944, the Nazi German authorities deported millions of Jews from Germany, from occupied territories, and from the countries of many of its Axis allies to ghettos and to killing centers, often called extermination camps, where they were murdered in specially developed gassing facilities. The living people have to face a lot of hardships in the form of long tortuous journey:
While the living condemned to a short wretched life,
And a long tortuous journey into unnamed place,
Converting Living Souls, into ashes and gas.
No. I Have to Remember and Never Let You Forget.
Most of the people opine that in teaching the Holocaust the images conveyed should be impressionistic and not in a detailed manner. The empathic emotions created should be channelled into a positive social feelings and actions. Inspite of man being a mixture of good and evil, the poet
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