Presidential Candidates Essay

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Politics and Debating There are 7,463,973,000 people,237 countries, and 237 national leaders in the world. Since not all countries elect their leaders in a democratic way, there are much fewer presidents in the world. These chosen, special leaders of the nations must have great abilities that can lead to the nation’s wealth and world peace, and presidential candidates often show these abilities to the voters through presidential debates. However, some people argue that having great debating ability doesn’t prove the person’s aptitude as a president. This is not true, and the ability to debate well is highly needed. There are three reasons why presidential candidates should be good debaters: candidates with good debating skills can make decisions…show more content…
Barack Obama, former president of the United States said, “Strongest democracy flourishes from frequent and lively debate.” As Obama said, debate is an essential process in democratic decision making. An authoritarian decision making doesn’t need such process. A dictator tells his sidekicks to do something and everything is done as the dictator says. However, in a democratic society, since everyone’s rights and opinion is respected, a much more complex process is needed. This complex process of proposing an argument rebutting to the argument and conclusively heading to a better way of doing something is called “debating”. Therefore, this means that a bad debater lacks the ability to cooperate in a society. For example, impeached President Geun Hye Park, who happened to be a terrible debater, showed how incapable a president can be through her term in office. She didn’t have meetings any of her ministers and tried to do everything on her own resulting in all disasters such as the MERS crisis, the Saewolho incident and failing to keep any of her presidential election pledge(Yeo Ok Jeon,73). A good debater wouldn’t have made such mistakes and would have had frequent meetings with his ministers debating on how to improve the current situation of the country. He wouldn’t have tried to do everything on his own which would have prevented the MERS crisis and the Saewolho
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