The Importance Of Debate In The Classroom

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It is seen as an active learning process because students will learn more through a process of constructing and creating, working in a group and also sharing the knowledge. In general, debate is one of the speaking classroom activities which requires two teams consisting of two or more speakers speak out their arguments and oppose the opponent’s arguments in terms of the topic or motion given. It is supported by Dobson (1987) who asserts that there are some instructional techniques in improving students’ speaking skill, such as: dialogues, small-group discussion, debate, song, and games. Additionally, Hasibuan & Batubara (2012) also reveal that debate is a method of language learning which is applied to improve speaking ability as well as critical thinking (p.19). Hence, debate is a method of language learning which is applicable not only to improve the students’ speaking skill but also critical thinking. In addition, debate is potential to develop students’ critical thinking and speaking skill. This statement is supported by Walker and Warhust (2000) who claim that debates in the classroom have been effective in increasing critical thinking by letting students connect as they learn subject…show more content…
The inter-rater reliability would be checked by using raters’ judgements on the language produced by students in terms of oral test of English. After giving test, the students’ scores were produced by two raters independently and a correlation coefficient was calculated between them for each; speaking and critical thinking. From the calculation, as it could be seen in table 1, the results showed that there were significant correlations between two raters’ judgments for both speaking and critical thinking, it could be concluded that two raters’ judgments for speaking and critical thinking were reliable. The results of inter-rater reliability could be seen in the table
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