Novice Nurse Essay

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“Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it” (Benner, 1984). This a common sentence frequently uses by new graduate nurses in critical situation. Patient safety is at the center of today’s health care system reform. Undoubtedly, patient’s health is at risk when they are being taken care by fresh graduates in critical care areas because these areas are aimed to provide care to particularly critically ill patients. Furthermore, safe and quality of care relies on timely decision making by nurses and their previous encounters of critical situations. To focus on patient safety and value someone’s life, novice nurses should not be assigned to critical care areas because they lack clinical decision making abilities and commit multiple errors while…show more content…
Moreover, knowledge, competency and confidence, gain through clinical experience. Furthermore, novice nurses are taught to practice on simulated patients, which may increase their self-efficacy, self-confidence and clinical judgment. According to Stefanski and Rossler (2009) Use of simulator in nursing training develops skills without compromising patient safety and it also allows novice nurses to work on a critically ill patient. Undoubtedly, it is true that nurses are taught during their nursing programs on simulators but literature says working on simulator does not make them confident enough to providing competent care in life and death situation. (Greenwood, 2000, as cited in Saintsing, Gibson & Pennington, 2011). This is a fact that novice nurses are learnt during their nursing academia but integration of novice nurse in the critical settings is challenging. Fresh graduates subsequently can bring change with their new knowledge as they have up to date information and strategies to manage the patient. They are familiar with new researches regarding patient care. Work in critical care area is very important for their professional growth and learning. Furthermore, Skills and knowledge obtain through experience and experience also makes a person competent and confident enough to provide competent care critical
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