The Importance Of Decision Making Styles

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Assessments and What Do They Mean?
Everyone in every part of life makes decisions that range from minor to major. Understanding your decision-making style is important to know for any leadership goals you make have. There is more than one tool and more than one style you can develop in order to help your decision-making. Research shows a person’s emotional intelligence can play a part in decision-making too. (2014), states “emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand, and manage emotions in ourselves and others.” I took some assessments and tests on emotional intelligence and decision-making. This paper will show my results after taking an emotional intelligence test, a leadership assessment, and a decision-making
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On the rational thinking side my score was 17 out of 20. On the intuitive decision style my score was 13 out of 20. These results mean I lean harder on making decisions based on facts than I do inner feelings. However, my intuitive score is high enough that I do use gut instinct at times. I also took the test on to see how good I am at making decisions. I scored between 43 and 66. This means my decision-making style is OK. I have a good understanding of the basics. According to the results, I need to improve my process, and be more…show more content…
This means I work one-on-one with applicants to gather information on what kind of employment they are looking for and place applicants in four month paid internships. I get to work with employers to make sure they understand the process and get a good match too. I also am the Human Resource representative for the company and the intern to help settle disputes, gather performance reviews, and make other human resource related decisions. The Maetrix Emotional Intelligence results show I am effective in my position because of the high social awareness score. According to (2014), a high social awareness score means I understand others and take an active interest in their concerns, organizational awareness, and can navigate politics. In my current employment role I need to be able to understand where the applicants are coming from and show that I care about what interests and concerns them. I understand organizations and can navigate organizational politics in order to keep my work in line with the organizations
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