The Importance Of Decisions In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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“Never make permanent decisions on temporary emotions.” -Wiz Khalifa. Often times people make the mistake of getting caught up in how they are feeling in the moment and make quick, illogical decisions that they would not normally make. If the characters in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet are delineated, it is clear that they often do this. Lord Capulet and Romeo can be used to corroborate this message. Capulet’s quick decisions are caused because of his feelings of anger while Romeo’s rash decisions are caused because of his feelings of love. With that being said, Shakespeare used the two characters to convey the theme that people's emotions engender sudden, uncontrollable, and irrational decisions to be made.

William Shakespeare uses the
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Capulet did not understand why anyone would side with Juliet, so he chose to say to the nurse, “Peace, you mumbling fool!” (Shakespeare 184). Capulet became exasperated when no one understood him, so he acted illogically and told the nurse to “shut up.” He also called the nurse a fool to her face. Capulet normally would not act in this rude manner, but he did because he was angry. He let his feelings and emotions disturb the way he acted. Overall, Shakespeare used the characterization of furious Capulet, who is typically very benevolent and understanding, to show the theme of how people’s emotions lead them to make crazy and uncontrolled decisions.

In conclusion, the theme of people letting their sentiment outweigh their decision making skills is shown in Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare used the characterization of a madman and a loving boy to project this. Capulet often made poor decisions by shouting hurtful comments, while Romeo made doltish decisions by doing overly affectionate things. Both of these characters, along with other people nowadays, make this mistake everyday. It is a blunder to do this because it can not only affect you, but others who are also involved in the

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