The Importance Of Deconstruction In Fashion

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This essay investigates whether it is possible to make a link between two different domains, deconstruction as a philosophical practice and fashion in the postmodernism1 era. Furthermore, the research attempts to find out why it was already linked and whether the motives for the association of deconstruction with fashion have any significant value, or deconstruction fashion2 was just another fashionable trend. The essay is divided into six main sections. The first section is about postmodern fashion. During the 1960’s fashion has been transformed into postmodern fashion. Deconstruction fashion is a part of the postmodern fashion. Therefore, initially the essay will discuss the characteristics of postmodern fashion and post modernism…show more content…
" Postmodernism is “a late 20th-century style and concept in the arts, architecture, and criticism, which represents a departure from modernism” (Definition from oxford dictionary). 2 Deconstruction fashion is a tern from the fashion world and has been created in the 1980’s. designers by groups just because they are from the same geographic place. However, the fact that the essay is divided into geographical sections does not imply that two designers from the same country have the same approach. Within the section on deconstruction fashion in the 1980’s, the paper will investigate how and why the Japanese designers Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo linked deconstruction and fashion. While presenting deconstruction fashion in the 1990’s, the paper will indicate how and why the Belgian designers of Antwerp Martin Margiela and Ann Demeulemeester have interpreted deconstruction in their work. Finally, Alexander McQueen will be presented as an example of a designer from a new generation of deconstructive designers from England in the 2000’s. _________________________________________________________________ Postmodernism and postmodern…show more content…
Postmodernism is about mixing different messages, ideas, believes, styles, cultures, etc. It is also about multiple meanings. In contrast, modernism aimed to deliver just one message. Therefore, Postmodern fashion is about contrasts and double meanings. It is a new global world, post-industrial, with fast communication system that enable to reach to the masses. Thomas and Walse (1998, cited in Barnard, 2007) suggest that the main characteristics of post- modernity are globalisation, consumption and challenging and breaking old traditions, beliefs and values. The authors report that Instead of the old traditions, it is a world of diversity and

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