The Importance Of Deepavali

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Deepavali Deepavali, or Diwali, is the festival of light though the most significant spiritual meaning is "the awareness of the inner light". This is one of the important festival for Hindu and they generally celebrate this festival through perform their traditional customs at homes. This event normally will falls in October or November and held for 5 days. As most of the Indians in Malaysia are Tamils from the south, the actual day of the festivities is the third day. Hindus wake up well before dawn, as early as two in the morning, have a fragrant oil bath and wear new clothes before they go for the pray. It is the same with taking a bath in the Holy Ganges if the Hindu taking their bath before sunrise and the stars are shone out against the black sky. The homes are cleaned to welcome the goddess Lakshimi. Goddess Lakshimi represented wealth, fortune, love and beauty. Besides, they will light small lamps all around the house and draw elaborate kolams outside their homes. (Bicycle Adventures, 2015) The kolam is an intricate design on the floor made from coloured rice and coloured powder. (, 2015) During Deepavali, we always have the chance to see the beautiful kolams in some shopping mall. Similar with Chinese New Year, Hindu families will reunion during this festival and celebrate Deepavali. They will use fire crackers to scare the devil spirit away. Furthermore, they will go to their friends and families home to have a sharing or conversation and

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