The Importance Of Dehumanization In Humanization

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I will be discussing how the care in David story was dehumanized by using the humanizing framework. “Ashely has a learning difficulty “This is lack of capacity because Ashely can’t speak properly and do not have much of understanding but however he has the right to make decision and choices. Ashely was treated horribly in the hospital; the care professional wasn’t communicating with the parents or Ashely. The experience of a patient’s loved ones such as friends, family etc. Are also important because they play an important part in the patient own well- being. It showed lack of respect and compassion and I know this because it clearly states in the NMC that every nurse and other care professional should be treating every individual with…show more content…
What’s important is that Ashely as a patient is vulnerable and this would cause him to feel anxiety, discomfort, and distress whenever the care professional is treating him less as a person. The nurses showed poor care towards Ashely, for my point of view “I’m not saying that the system should be perfect on how to look or treat a patient but it’s Important on how to deliver care towards every patient such as Ashely himself.…show more content…
they didn’t attend to him properly. Ashely dad, David was expecting the nurses to do personal care towards Ashely but sadly the nurses were also expecting David to do personal care towards Ashely. When a patient is ill in hospital and they are depending on the care professional to look after them, this is called a fundamental importance to them also towards the patient’s families because they will also be cared for with kindness and compassion by whoever meets with them. This makes realize that there was dehumanized care, such as the word Dislocation means when a person does not know where there where about is, for example even though the nurses greeted Ashely when he arrived but they didn’t inform him where he was and what happens to him. Patients are normally, confused when they are in an unfamiliar situation and their life has been changed. It’s very important that the nurse and care professional can acknowledge and value their concerns and help them to adapt the new surroundings, show more respect and to make Ashely feel
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