The Importance Of Dehumanization In Society

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Showing concern for the fellow being is the need of the hour which will give comfort and solace to the inhabitants of the world. Humanity thrives well if the people of its society live with concern. Everybody expects care and warmth from the society forgetting the fact the little drops from every individual will make a mighty ocean. It is the apt time to think about what is wrong with the attitude of mankind to check what will harm the present as well as future generations. The writers who write science fiction try to create awareness and at the same time give an alarm to the society. Kurt Vonnegut tries his level best in imprinting the evils of scientific development and warns what is to be done to improve the life of mankind better.
The advancement of technology and scientific inventions has tried to modulate man as civilized but he has become a civilized barbarian. Dehumanization means the refusal of human tendency. Dehumanization is expressed in two forms. They are animalistic dehumanization and mechanistic dehumanization, which serve as largely interpersonal basis. Dehumanization is carried out symbolically as well as physically. It may be carried out by the social institutions, interpersonally, or within the self. Dehumanization divides mankind politically, racially, ethnically, nationally or religiously into groups. Dehumanization is viewed as a central component for any intergroup violence because it is frequently the most important pioneer to moral
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