The Importance Of Dementia

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Putting a dementia patient into a strict routine where they get up at the same time every morning and complete the same tasks will help the patient. The routine becomes ingrained and it will help to prolong the patient’s capabilities to complete those functions, such as brushing their teeth or feeding themselves. If a patient falls out of that routine for any reason, such as an illness or injury, they usually never gain it back or recover. This is also why it is important to have a patient complete frequent daily functions for themselves (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2010). In addition to knowing and implementing the treatments for dementia, it is important to know the risk factors and preventions for the disease. Age is the…show more content…
Dementia patients have the right to privacy. They have the right to exceptional care. They have the right to their faith and beliefs. Dementia patients may not be able to make the decisions based on what is best for their care, however they still have the right to say no, even if that right is based on their mental competencies (Draper, 2004). They can decide that they do not want their medication, or a bath, or even that they do not want a certain person to care for them. They can refuse care in any form, such as foods they do not want, going to bed or getting up, participating in activities, and having visitors. Every person has the right to age with dignity. Dignity in a dementia patient can be preserved by protecting their privacy, especially when it comes to bodily care, such as bathroom help and bathing, or even giving them their medication in front of other…show more content…
Letting the person stay in their own home with family and friends helping them is always the first option, but this may only be best for the first stages of the disease. Around the clock care, either in their own home or a loved one’s home, is the next option available. This care is usually provided by loved ones and home health aides, often licensed nurses. This situation may be best for the moderate stages of the disease, however all decisions on care must be based upon the individual and their own needs. Long term facilities are also an option to providing around the clock care to the individuals with high care needs. Facilities such as nursing homes are designed to give the best possible, all around full care that these people need (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2010). Whatever is decided needs to be in the patient’s best interest. All care givers need to keep in mind the toll that providing the high quality of care needed will have on them personally before making the decision to become a care giver (Murray, 2014). The physical requirements are grueling, often wearing a person down. They are required to lift, move, toilet, bath, feed, clean up after, and provide for their patients constantly. The mental requirements are just as exhausting. Keeping up with medications and doses, treating various illnesses, taking
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