Democracy In The United States

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Democracy is the most sought-after kind of government; most people think this is the best type of government. The other side who don’t think a democracy isn’t the best form of government are the people that already live in a democratic nation. But what is a democracy and why do people desire/ dislike this form of government? Today we’re going to dive deep into the core of democracy and how this form of government is being used in the United States. Democracy is government of, by, and for the people. People in a democracy should be able to participate in decisions that directly affect them. People in a democracy should also be able to get equal access to information which they need to make important decisions for the things that personally…show more content…
The electoral college is a system that gives representatives to states to vote in favor of what the people want in that state. Each state is guaranteed one representative out of the 435 there are. The remaining 385 are distributed into the states by population size and how the population of that state increases or decreases. This is seen as unfair because the smaller states have the same power to influence the election outcome as the states with more people. The smaller states have more advantage because their representatives, represent a smaller amount of people, while larger states representatives must represent what a much larger amount of people in that state want. For example, Colorado has 7 House of Representatives and 2 Senators which means each Congress person represents around 883,300 and each of our senators represent approximately 2,650,000 people. Wyoming on the other hand has 1 House of Representative and 2 Senators meaning their congress person represents around 600,000 people and their Senators represent around 300,000 people each. There is a clear difference here when it comes to how representation is distributed into the states. Apart from this uneven distribution the system of “winner takes all” also discourages people from going out to vote. For example, some Republican lives in a Democratic state that always goes Democratic when it comes to elections, they tend to not go out and vote because they know their vote won’t make a difference because of this “winner takes all” system. In the past 4 elections there has been an average voter outcome which is all around the same, but there is still a chunk of people who don’t go out and vote. Another reason people may not go out to vote is the unfairness of elections. For example, in this past election the two candidates were Donald Trump (Republican) and Hillary
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