The Importance Of Democracy In America

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The veritable beginning of democracy in the United States can be traced to American Civil War. The Civil war ended in a victory of northern side, and three Amendments were established which were the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. The 13th Amendment repealed slavery and forced labor, the 14th Amendment defined that all people including African Americans born or naturalized in the United States were American citizens, and the 15th Amendment forbad governments from denying them the right of voting on the basis of race, color or past condition of servitude. Were the three Amendments valid and applied equitably to all? The answer to this question is No. Then, did the American political system with the three Amendments eventually discount excluded people? The answer to this question is also No. Since whatever law was made by the human, there should be loopholes and shortcomings. It is even more difficult for the authors of the laws to discover its flaws by themselves. Nevertheless, since a fundamental value of democracy is equality for everyone and the United States has chosen that system, voting rights movements were able to happen and achieved true democracy by filling in the bits of the Amendments. Therefore, I agree with that the eventual success of voting rights movements are testaments to the American political system’s capacity to incorporate excluded groups because of two things that people could realize the true value of democracy by the presence of the three Amendments
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