The Importance Of Dependency On Technology

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Technology has made the lives of people easier. It tends to give more ways to make things faster without having the feeling of tiredness after touching the screen on high tech phones and other gadgets. Technology has many wonderful benefits but it also matched with great dangers of misusing and abusing it, like addiction, lack of human interaction, and most of all dependency. Technology has become the ultimate sidekick of all individuals, especially teenagers, because they become more reliant on it for searching answers from the most basic questions to the hardest. Thus, researcher believes that most of the people feel lost, unclothed and wrong when their phones are missing. To prove this point, the researcher begins with the definition of technology. Then, she explains the reason of misusing technology. Last, she discusses the reason why people have become overly dependent on technology. To give clarity to this research, the researcher uses the following definitions. Technology is the “manipulation of nature” (Karve, 2009) for human purpose. On the other hand, dependency on technology is a “two-edged sword” (Digital Trends Staff, 2014). Technology is a machine or equipment that is used for human activities. According to Karve (2009), technology is the manipulation of nature which man is a part of nature. When controlling nature, man also controls himself. Hence, innovation controls man, impacts, even oversees human conduct. Technology can be a great help to the

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