Why Do People Dependent On Technology?

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Technology has made the lives of people easier. It tends to give more ways to make things faster without having the feeling of tiredness after touching the screen on high tech phones and other gadgets. Technology has many wonderful benefits but it also matched with great dangers of misusing and abusing it, like addiction, lack of human interaction, and most of all dependency. Technology has become the ultimate sidekick of all individuals, especially teenagers, because they become more reliant on it for searching answers from the most basic questions to the hardest. Thus, researcher believes that most of the people feel lost, unclothed and wrong when their phones are missing. To prove this point, the researcher begins with the definition of…show more content…
The thing, however, is that they can use constantly at whatever point they like. Like anything else, it needs to end up a habit. (lifestyleupdated, 2013). This means that all people can detach from technology if they want to, but the fact is that they cannot stop using whenever they like because it has become a habit. Many people said that people cannot avoid being dependent on technology because the modern era cannot live without technology. Better yet, live in the mountains to avoid being dependent on technology. It is not that people should abandon technology, but people should limit the usage of technology. Presently, human beings depend on technology too much and they do not know how to limit the usage of technology. But every problem has a solution and here are some ways to lessen the dependency on technology: According to Small (2014) “Skip the morning digital check-in.” Waking up to a techie day of checking all the emails and accounts is not that sustaining. It saps all the productivity of everything before you have had an opportunity to concentrate the master plan. Therefore, swap all the techie activity and do more some productive activities before it turned into a
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