The Importance Of Depression In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Victor Frankenstein the main character in Frankenstein was going through depression, bipolar, and anxiety throughout the story because things in his life were going terrible for him. Victor never had a happy moment in his life after the creation of his monster. Once the monster became angry he tried controlling Victor into creating a love for him. Victor didn’t want to because he was afraid that he would create a violent species and they would take over. After the monster found out he wasn’t doing it, the monster wanted to kill Victors loved ones and not Victor. Frankenstein was feeling lost towards the end of the book until Victor finally got his wish and died. Victor Frankenstein was the main character in Frankenstein. He was important because he was the one who made the story a story because he created a creature and the creature did things to put points in the story. Frankenstein was feeling lost and depressed after his mother died and then eventually his…show more content…
“Feel very sad, down, empty, or hopeless have very little energy have decreased activity levels.”(NIMH). Victor felt rage, “Villain! Before you sign my death-warrant, be sure that you are safe.”(Shelley 158). Victor felt this way because his creation killed his brother and put the blame on his other loved one. The other thought Victor had about suicide was, “In that hour I should die and at once satisfy and extinguish his malice.”(Shelley 158). He wanted to live no longer because the monster threatened him and he was just done with life. “Feels very sad, down, empty or hopeless.’(NIMH). Victor felt sad during this time because “I thought of Elizabeth, of my father, and of Clerval.”(Shelley 162). Victor was long away from his “sister”, his dad and his friend, he just wanted to see his family and friend. Bipolar ran through Victor because different things were happening to him at different
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