The Importance Of Being A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

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One of the key components in this career is the ability to explain clear procedures to your patient so that they know what is going on at all times. Along with clear procedures comes comforting them because most times a patient may be new to the surroundings. How you present yourself to the patient will play a big part in determining how relaxed they will be; although, this does not always go as planned. You will most likely get a few frantic patients either because of their current medical situation or simply because they are unfamiliar and nervous, so you must be mentally prepared to handle that situation with ease by being compassionate and always feeling empathetic for your patient. I also learned that being extremely observant by noticing the small details is another essential part in being a…show more content…
If I want to make this a career I made sure to know what an average day may look like. After doing the research, I have learned that at first you may need to adjust equipment and make sure everything is ready to be put to use and will not malfunction. Next, would be to greet the patient and examine their body and facial signals to ensure that they are comfortable and aware of the procedures. Then would be to follow procedure and find the best positions to make sure that you are getting the most accurate images of the motion and shape. Lastly, you should report your findings from the sonogram to the physician. After repeating the same process to each of your patients, you will find that throughout the work day, you are mostly standing and walking around for the majority of time. I am now aware that your physical shape is important in order to keep you at your best. On top of being on your feet most of the day, you may also need to help patients position themselves so being strong and in shape is a great skill to have to get you through the day

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