The Importance Of Diction In Literature

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“Dialect or the speech of the people is capable of expressing whatever the people are.” (Sterling Brown) Brown explains how important dialect is in everyday life. Dialect is full of word choice, or diction. Diction is the style of speaking or writing determined by the choice of words by the speaker or writer. It is used in many aspects of writing such as novels, plays, and poetry. Many novels are considered well-written because of diction and substance. An understanding of diction in writing and literature is considered a crucial part of the communication process between the writer and their audience. A variety of related words can have the same denotation, or general meaning, but have different connotations about the same idea. Diction is important because its gives the ability to convey an appropriate message to an audience, gives the feeling of story credibility, and lets the reader understand what they are reading. Diction is also important in dialects. Over twenty different dialects in the United States use word choice. One of those dialects is the Appalachian dialect. This dialect is important because of the origins of this dialect, the influences that helped create the dialect, and how the dialect is perceived by others. The grammatical diversity of Appalachian speakers, their story-telling expertise, and their vocabulary has long mesmerized outsiders. The English heard in the Appalachians has long fascinated journalists, and educators and since it’s starting point
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