The Importance Of Diets In The 16th Century

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Modern Times - 16th Century: The 16th century is a remarkable period for those people who celebrate Thanksgiving. It was in the 16th century that the Turkeys were introduced into England about 1525 from the Americas (McCain). Other important food introduced into England also includes potatoes, tomatoes. Vegetable like cauliflower was also brought to England from the western Asia in this century. The 16th century diets mainly depended on the wealth of individual and family. A rich individual/family had the opportunity to eat meat (a luxury) as their main diet. The rich people rarely consumed vegetables. The poor people in this century consumed lots of vegetables, as they were the cheapest option. Some people also consumed fish at a regular basis. Those people were either rich or they resided near the sea/river where they could fish fresh fishes like herrings and mackerels. For those who had no means to obtain fresh fish, they consumed mostly dried or salted fish (salt increases the shelf life of food). As for carbohydrate sources, the poor relied mainly on bread made of barley or rye, whereas the rich people had bread made of fine white flour (McCain). - 17th Century: Another major change in our eating habit is the finding of fork. It was in the early 17th century that people first started using fork when eating. Meanwhile, other new foods were brought into England such as banana and pineapple (only rich people could obtain them). Drinks that we have today like coffee,

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