The Importance Of Differentiation In Education

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Introduction :

Teaching requires more than having degree of education . Teachers should recognize student needs and getting the class involved in the learning process .That requires recognizing the new trends of teaching approaches .

Language skills are a main component of the English language . Reading is a key for developing other language skills . Reading skills include skills acquired through reading, such as comprehension, fluency and independence. Overall, these skills give students the ability to turn words on a page into a clear meaning. Maynor ( 2016 ) Swanson (2001) indicated that research shows that children learn about reading before they enter school. In fact, they learn in the best manner-through
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One of the most important skills for teachers to develop is the ability to differentiate instruction. Differentiation involves modifying the content, process, product or learning environment to effectively address the variety of student interests, learning preferences, affective needs and readiness levels in today's classrooms. (Gould, 2004).

Richerds (2016 ) points out that teachers who are skilled at communication, classroom management and appropriate discipline techniques create a positive learning environment. Although being well versed in your subject area is important, being able to communicate necessary skills and concepts in a way students can understand is crucial. Teachers develop skills over time through best practices shared by other teachers, continuing education and classroom experience.

According to Nursing Education Center ( 2013), teachers need skills in teaching for these reasons :
-To ensure competency in
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Differentiated instruction does not mean matching teaching styles with learning styles as suggested by the learning styles theory. Differentiated instruction, at its best, should reflect a new pedagogy that can promote practical integration and knowledge transformation. If implemented thoroughly, differentiated instruction can demonstrate institutional effectiveness and equip students with diverse learning experiences to highly respond to increased challenges in the global society.

Abbati, ( 2010 ) clarified that differentiated instruction is a widely held practice used by teachers to provide diverse learners with complex learning opportunities. There is a need to recognize the new trends in teaching the English language and to practice these trends of teaching at the primary stage .

Study statement: Teachers of English language are in need to recognize a new instruction approach such as the differentiating instruction to develop reading skills at the primary stage

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