Digital Advertising: The Influence Of Online Advertising

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Over 10 years ago, people entered the digital age. People were started to be hooked on the world of social media. Its rapid spread to people made to discover the internet. From this start it gave prospect on surfing the web making people to find more privilege. Social media contributes to marketing which advertising has been a big deal on internet. Marketers appear to be curious on the opportunities to post advertisements on the World Wide Web. Internet had more advantage on making easy transactions between the consumers (Wen, 1997). Digital advertising, also called “Online Advertising”, is the use of internet as the media of marketing to gain and attract more customers (Beal, 2015). The popularity of internet brought more ideas on…show more content…
An advertisement that usually seen on the internet are also considered as digital advertising (Sugget, 2015). It is the main source of revenue for the internet as it entertains consumers to utilize their marketing products. More marketers tend to make innovations in advertising. From interactive advertising to digital adverting, economist find more efficiency and effectiveness through digital advertising. Because of innovation of technology, people were to get involved to the changes in modernization. The convergence of technology challenges the marketers that drive them to transform their marketing strategies. In the recent study, people were more likely to hold their time on the internet and it shows consumers observe 53 percent more of digital advertising than native advertising (Pozin, 2013). More users are engaged to online interactivities such as social networking sites, online multiplayer game and even shopping online. These were some factors that users are fascinated to internet media. There is no limitation some countries to show any contents in order to entertain, advertise and communicate. Cases were in lined that there is no censorship because of hunger for…show more content…
In the first years of dawn of the technology, the exposed advertising in newspapers is censored in the first place (Keenan and Shoreh, 2000). The possibility of Egyptian approaches towards advertising is affected by exposure to media renderings of advertising is argued in the context of refinement things. “The birth of censorship probably coincided with the birth of civilization and government. Governments and religions have suppressed ideas that can be considered threatening or blasphemous. As human civilization progressed and social norms and proper decorum have been institutionalized within the communal unit, suppression has expanded to expressions and ideas relating to sex, violence, and other elements that might threaten social order” (Cruz, 2007). As the social life was continuously developing, censorship begun in accordance with the birth of civilization and government. Censorship is usually when obscene scenes and actions have been removed from a piece of media. It is usually observe in different advertisements especially in digital advertising. Digital Advertising is the branch of marketing that deals with communicating to customers.

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