The Importance Of Digital Watermarking

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Chapter – 1 Introduction 1.1 Need of Watermarking Digital multimedia information are rapidly spreading everywhere. On the other side, this situation has brought about the possibility of duplicating and manipulating the data. To continue with the transmission of data over the Internet the reliability and originality transmitted data should be verifiable. It is necessary that digital multimedia information should be protected and secured. To provide copy protection and copyright protection for digital audio and video data, two complementary techniques are being developed for encryption and watermarking. Encryption techniques can be used to secure and protect digital data during the transmission…show more content…
Digital watermarking makes law enforcement and copyright protection for digital media possible and practical when it aims to automatically detect and possibly also prosecute copyright infringements. The watermark stems from the ancient art of a figure or design incorporated into paper during its manufacture and appearing lighter than the rest of the sheet when viewed in transmitted light for the same purpose. Figure 1.1: Perceptible watermark embedded in a figure [1] The important requirements of digital watermarking are given and described as below. However, the relative importance of these parameters depends on the application. 1.1.1 Transparency (invisibility) This refers to perceptual similarity between the watermarked image and the original image. The watermark should be imperceptible. It means that no visual or audio effect should be perceived by the end user. The watermark should not degrade the quality of the original content, but in some applications may accept a little degradation to have higher robustness or lower cost. Sometimes digital watermark is embedded to data in the way that can be seen without extraction, called it visible watermark. The example of visible watermark is…show more content…
The chapter briefly described how visible watermarking is done in old days to protect the image from illegal copy of image. In addition, an introduction to different application of watermarking in different areas in recent days. Chapter 2, In this chapter Literature survey is done. Also basic idea of watermarking is described. It basically comes from Cryptography and Steganography. Chapter 3, this chapter deals with basic classification of watermarking like spatial domain watermarking technique LSB is described and transform domain watermarking Discrete Cosine transform and Discrete Wavelet transform is explained in detail. Chapter 4, In this Chapter one hybrid technique for watermarking is implemented that is based on Discrete Cosine transform and Discrete Wavelet transform also quality parameter is defined. Chapter 5, in this chapter result analysis for different images for embedding and decoding is calculation and different measured parameter are compared with Discrete Cosine transform and Discrete Wavelet transform existing technique with the hybrid technique i.e. combined DWT based DCT technique. Chapter 6, Conclusion of this thesis is described in this chapter. Chapter 7, Future scope of this work is

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