The Importance Of Dignity In Walden's The Old Man And The Sea

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When we read these two books, Walden and The Old Man and The Sea, we are able to realize the importance of dignity for Thoreau and Santiago, the main character of The Old Man and The Sea. I will consider what their dignity is and how they get dignity. Santiago and Thoreau seem to live for their dignity and they act to protect their dignity. Dignity becomes their core. Then, for Santiago, It seems that his dignity is being a fisherman. He has a pride as a fisherman but he is not proud of fishing a large amount of fishes and he is not proud of earning a large amount of money by fishing. His dignity is raising fishes using his wisdom and his experience. The sea is the harsh environment but he must survive as a fisherman. He stakes his life on fighting with sea. Hemingway describes Santiago’s body in detail so that the readers are able to…show more content…
Santiago went fishing and the large marlin bit the fishing hook. He could not raise the marlin in a day because it was too large. Santiago held the line and the marlin pulled his skiff for four days. Finally, he could raise the marlin, though, sharks ate whole part of the marlin except bones. Santiago used to go to fishing with the boy, Manolin. Although only the boy was his company, the boy went in another boat because of the parent’s orders. Santiago knows that the boy is with a lucky boat and should stay in the boat. Thus, Santiago went to fishing alone. In the journey, he repeats “I wish the boy was here” again and again. He speaks to himself through the journey, moreover, he speaks to a small bird as if the bird is his friend. However, the marlin suddenly pulls the fish line and gives a lurch, the bird has gone. Then, Santiago “looked around for the bird now because he would like him for company” (41). Therefore, this scene let reader imagine his loneliness and

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