The Importance Of Diplomacy

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According to Jan Melissen (2005), diplomacy has now reached a new stage. What changed? In today’s diplomacy, people matter. What once was dismissed as not important has now become too important to set aside and ignore. Due to the democratization of access to information, this has “turned citizens into assertive participants in international politics” . Who, then, best utilize the revolutionized diplomacy? I believe that individual non-state actors – celebrity diplomats – can conduct successful and effective diplomacy. Christopher Smith, a Professor at USC, elaborated on a trend where more and more celebrities are promoting and participating in a wide range or political, international, and humanitarian issues . Furthermore, Andrew Cooper believes that celebrities can do things for the public that current politicians can’t. He states that celebrities not only fills the void in public trust but they can also “use fame to place matters of human rights and global inequity on to the international agenda” . In all, the phenomenon of celebrity diplomacy is rising, and there have been some concerned voices for this matter. Professional diplomats are worried that the blurred lines will do more harm than help but there are others who acknowledges the rising new actors. As Vallely (2009) puts it, “We have to take these celebrities seriously. Some of them do diplomacy better than professional diplomats”. Diplomacy Diplomacy can be broadly separated into two big categories: the

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