The Importance Of Diplomacy

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Diplomacy is the management of relations between states and states as well as between states and other actors. It is concerned with advising and implementing foreign policies. It is a means by which states articulate, secure and coordinate their interests through correspondence, lobbying and other related activities (Kerr and Wiseman, 2013). Diplomacy stands as an accepted process of relations among nations. It establishes relations among states where each state becomes a member after it has been recognised by other existing states. The decision to establish diplomatic relations is announced and is followed by an exchange of diplomats. Therefore, it is a means through which states develop relations (Pouliot, and Cornut, 2015). Diplomacy in not an art of deceit, propaganda, and lies nor is it immoral. It is a means of conducting relations and involves procedures and techniques for maintaining relations among states. It functions through a network of foreign offices, consulates, embassies and missions, which work to identify and settle procedures and protocol. It may handle all issue ranging from the simplest to the most important matters. When there is a breakdown of diplomacy, there is the likelihood of a major crisis of war. It operates in times of peace and war where it undergoes some changes from peace diplomacy to war diplomacy. Strong diplomacy is often backed by a strong national power. Although diplomacy employs persuasion and influence in exercising power, it can

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