Essay On Direct Democracy

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Direct democracy by using the instruments initiative or referendums; pave the way for citizens to make their own decisions that make better congruence between citizens and policies. Buttler and Ranney argued that the only way to achieve the ideal point that political decisions be made in full accordance with the wishes of the people is to ensure that those wishes are expressed directly, not mediated and interpreted (1994, p-12). Here direct democracy is such an instrument where people can interpret their own decisions by voting directly to any issues without relying on the political representatives. In Switzerland, for example certain laws or international treaties issued or newly formulated by government, citizens can call for a referendum.…show more content…
In general, it is believed that it is much better to take one’s decision rather than taking decision by others on. When someone acting on his own, he can himself decide what he has to be taken into account, whereas risk of miscalculation, misinterpretations or irrelevant consideration exists when other people act on his behalf. Of course, these statements show that he is as competent as other people to act. This is what Robert A. Dahl’s strong principle of equality is about. Dhal said in a democracy it is presumed that all adult citizens are the best judge of his or her own good or interest (1989; p-100). Fundamental rules of the game of Switzerland democracy are controlled by the citizens of the country, who have the last word on all constitutional changes, even those proposed by the government and parliament as well as most international treaties. Noam in his study on Switzerland found direct democracy doe lead to better policies than representative democracy. Indeed direct democracy has proven to be efficient (1980). So here direct democracy plays a tremendous role in formulating major decisions regarding the Swiss policy making and it’s also a very good instrument for other states to make democracy stronger by using direct
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