The Importance Of Disagreement In The Pursuit Of Knowledge

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Peter F Drucker, an American author once said, ‘Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.’ Knowledge mainly consists of information, skills and opinions that are obtained through opportunities in life, encounters with individuals as well as education and life lessons imparted through education. In the modern world today, we pursue knowledge because it is useful for the pursuit of information. For many years, we, as human beings have strived to gain an advanced level of knowledge and information. A disagreement, in my opinion, is the opposite of logic; an argument that contradicts or opposes the evidence that has otherwise proven to be true. Disagreements act as obstacles that hinder the flow of pursuit of knowledge. The idea of a disagreement can be connected to the two important ways of knowing which are perception and reasoning. There are three main forms of disagreements namely religious disagreements, individual disagreements or idealistic disagreements.…show more content…
Disagreements, also known as falsifications to the flow of evidence, just make a theory stronger and more reliable, especially when they are overcome. So disagreements are pretty useful in the pursuit of knowledge in both human and natural sciences. Disagreements are quite a fundamental unit of epistemology, which is the theory of knowledge in connection of validity of evidence, opinions, scope of knowledge as well as methods of understanding. This arises from the idea that humans have limited knowledge, contrary to their thinking and therefore, have a large amount of problems and uncertainties when it comes to making general

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