The Importance Of Disaster Management

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Disasters happens all around the world each year without detecting when will it happen. Disaster can be earthquake, volcanic eruption, storm, tempest, flood, fire or outbreak of pestilence or infectious disease, or any other natural calamity whether similar to any such occurrence. It is likely to endanger the public safety or to deprive the community or any substantial proportion of the community of supplies or services essential to life. While Disaster management is the arrangements about managing the potential adverse effects of an event, including, arrangements for mitigating, preventing, preparing , responding to and recovering from a disaster and Disaster Risk assessment is the process used to determine risks management priorities by evaluating and comparing the level of risks against predetermined standards. The collecting, Interpreting and analyzing information from various sources and evaluate the hazards that are identified, take the measures of the threats and understanding the social meaning of such measurements. Risk assessment is an integral component of the process by which individuals, communities and societies cope with the hazards. The main aim is to protect life and property and contribute to sustainable communities. These assessments allow for the targeting of mitigation, preparation, recovery and resilience actions to achieve safer and more sustainable communities. It is vital to assess the risk that is involved so we can manage it. In the

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