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Disasters usually don’t give any advanced notice to allow people or agencies to prepare. There are some events that allow for preparation such as weather event but there are other that are completely reaction based. Typically disaster preparation is completed well before a disaster hits through training, exercises and planning. When there is a disaster notifications will be sent out over communication systems that are in place. Once there is a notification the appropriate agencies will respond based on protocols and procedures that have been established. When it is necessary to respond incident command will be set up by the primary responder in accordance with NIMS and ICS guidance. If there is a need an area command or unified command can be established as required. Initial response may be enough to manage the situation but there are times when it is not. The incident commander is responsible to assess the situation and request additional responders and resources when initial response is not sufficient. Additional support will be requested based on mutual aid agreements and intergovernmental agreements. It is possible that the local responders may have to manage the situation on their own before back up can arrive. In some case it may take additional responders a few days to arrive and offer their…show more content…
The economic impact must be correctly measured and integrated disaster planning. During a disaster the can be a large economic impact. The impact can be on individuals, businesses and the government separately and collectively. The time used, money spent and collective efforts to respond to a disaster impact everyone. Even if a person is not directly involved they are impacted by government offices or businesses being closed. and recover from these emergencies and disasters divert public resources and attention from other important programs and

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