Recovery Process Analysis

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The period following a natural disaster is characterized by complex and demanding conditions. The most crucial steps in this phase are to assess humanitarian needs and offer relief assistance to the people affected. Furthermore, it is essential to carry out an assessment of the damages and losses which have been caused by the hazard and to work out an extensive recovery plan which can itself then contribute to a sustainable development process where risk reduction is specifically addressed (GFDRR, 2008). However every disaster is also an opportunity to gain positive outcomes from a negative event and to gain experience and guidance for possible responses to disasters in the future. Recovery from disasters differs between countries. Each country…show more content…
Likewise, the framework can be developed in a few weeks or can take up to several months, depending on the extent of recovery and reconstruction which is needed.

Disaster Risk Framework
The Disaster Risk Framework is structured in six modules following the order of steps needed to develop and implement a framework.
Module 1: Conducting Post-Disaster Damage and Needs Assessment
The Post-disaster needs assessment is an methodology used to estimate the damages and needs after a disaster. It is a prerequisite for developing a DRF as it provides the basis for the development of the Recovery Framework.
The main objective of carrying out a PDNA is to assess the entire scope of the impact of a disaster on the affected country. The results of this assessment can then be used to produce a sustainable recovery strategy to mobilize financial and technical resources and to apply for additional external assistance for the execution, depending on the countries financial, institutional and technical
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To achieve this, the following steps are important: coordinate responsibility, create standard procedures for project approval, reporting and contracts, define reconstruction standards, support the implementation of decentralized recovery activities, raise awareness of the recovery process and ensure transparency for all steps of the program.

Module 6: Strengthening Recovery Systems in national and Local Governments
To help a country and its people to recover from disasters it is necessary to improve the governmental capacity. Additionally, national governments have to implement disaster risk management into their planning. To strengthen the recovery system also means to define institutional and financial systems before a disaster happens. If this is done, readiness, recovery and development processes can be enhanced and the investments and development of a country can be

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