The Importance Of Discourse Analysis In The Media

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Provided that discourse analysis is subjective, and by the same token by adherence to pragmatic theories , the truth is also subjective and relative; hence, this study has adopted a new approach to research analysis. There have been many contributions to the political discourse of the media (see: Wood & Kroger, 2000); however, the subjectivity of the frameworks and also the liberty to apply less appropriate models leads to diversity and sometimes inconsistency in the results. Given all that, this study has employed a cluster of methodologies in an endeavor to present the most reliable findings. Discourse analysis is an interdisciplinary discipline. It is also interested in the analysis of the various contexts of discourse, that is, in the cognitive processes of production and reception and in the sociocultural dimensions of language use and communication. (see: van Dijk 1988a, 1988b) One of the most obvious properties of media news, ignored or neglected in both traditional and more recent approaches to media reporting, is that news reports, whether in the press or on TV, constitute a particular type of discourse. (see: van Dijk, 1988a, 1988b) With the notion that if the political discourse analysis is merely based on linguistic frameworks, it is flawed, and such inadequate analysis leads to generalized deduction, (also, see: Bednarek & Caple, 2012; Bednarek & Caple, 2014; Krzyżanowski & Forchtner, 2016) after an ongoing original systematic analysis , this study makes a

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