The Importance Of Discourse Community

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A time that I felt out of place was my first few days at college. My parents had just left and I knew no one. I was in a strange environment and didn't know what to do. I felt this way because I was used to my same routine for almost 18 years. To feel comfortable in this new environment, I had to find a place where I could be myself but also find a new routine. This was the only way I would survive the next four years at UMass Dartmouth. After joining a local sorority at my school, I was able to make new friends and feel comfortable. This is where I felt I fit in this community. Discourse communities consist of a group of people who link up in order to pursue the same objectives and goals. There are many different examples of these discourse…show more content…
But to assure that anything is performed properly, yes, there are standards that we must meet.” Each different pillar is a way to represent a group. They are what makes each organization unique, who they are and what they believe in. Each group has their own pledging process, this consist of different tactics on proving your loyalty and commitment to the sorority. In Greek life the sororities and fraternities have their own language, that others may not know. The first is the Greek alphabet and symbols. They are used for the name of the sorority or fraternity and way to represent their letters. There are also different terms like lavalier, legacy, philanthropy and much more, which have a meaning with something to do with Greek life. This is what makes them a discourse community; all of these different parts of their life unites them into one important entity. To be a part of this discourse community you have to rush, then complete a pledging process in which you prove your worthiness to your future sisters. Each sorority and fraternity has a different process where they show what they represent
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