The Importance Of Discourse In The Classroom

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Discourse analysis a broad term for the study of the way of analyzing the relationship between the language and context. It is also called discourse studies. Discourse in classroom is the term that refers to the language that teachers and students use to communicate with each other in the classroom. The teacher’s instructions extremely affect to the students’ acquirement in classroom so a successful teacher is a person who can use their language to teach students and manage classroom effectively. It means that appropriate teacher discourse can create the harmonious atmosphere and promotes a more friendly relationship between teachers and students, and consequently creates more opportunities for interactions between teachers and students (LIU Yanfen & ZHAO Yuqin, 2010). To get more knowledge how teacher discourse motivate student’s learning process in the classroom, I and one classmate-Viet asked for one friend’s help to record an English class for adults in a language center because we have not taught yet. The class lasted ninety minutes. However, I only transcribed from 51:00 to 98:00. In this lesson, the teacher provided knowledge to students to distinguish what is difference in pronouncing can and can’t and how to pronounce them in some different cases such as talking about permission or ability. There are two main stages in this lesson: teaching or reviewing the knowledge, and practicing the knowledge.
As casual, teacher discourse plays an essential role in the
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