The Importance Of Discrimination In Non-Coed Sports

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“You can’t play with us you’re a GIRL.” Heard that before. People say that boys and girls shouldn’t play the same sports, or coed sorts. I completely disagree with that because, it could really put people down. It never feels good to be discriminated, and that is basically what people do when it comes to the non- coed sports group. And you never know, you could get better advice from other genders. Coed sports may be the thing this world has been needing to satisfy the ones who need that big boost to success. Everyone has been taught in their life to not be rude to others. Well, when you don’t let a girl play in a contact sport that is breaking that rule. Some people call that safety and others call it discrimination. My position is calling it discrimination. You could guess I’m a girl. Truly, it benefits to the girls and the boys in most cases. It helps them get along better, and not…show more content…
I disagree with that because a proven fact is that guys mature differently and it might not affect the girls as much because they are not guys and might not have the ability to do what guys do. Coed sports may be beneficial or it could be a complete disaster, but so far it has been a great aspect and has really helped a lot of people. One other aspect of coed sports is that it helps with their confidence. When a child is playing sports you want them to have a high confidence level so that nobody can put them down. Putting people down one of the most important reasons we should allow coed sports. Everyone talks about not doing coed sports because it could hurt the girls’ self-esteem, but telling them they can’t do a specific sport because they are a girl is really hurting the girls self-esteem. That is basically putting them down. Those remarks of how they can’t do anything a guy can do because they are a girl is called, a put

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