Racial Profiling Among Immigrants

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As an immigrant, it is possible to live in two different worlds which are miles apart. The immigrant passes through identity development phases where they are faced with communication and integration problems. As a result, it is possible to be viewed as less intelligent or ignorant which is not the case because all they have is a communication barrier.
Language is an avenue of self expression that brings out what is in the heart but without one the immigrant becomes voiceless. On a personal case, this disintegrates all the optimism that I had when coming to the US making the task of completing my education insurmountable. However, having been here for three years already, I have gone over the disintegration, through integration and emerging
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A good example is illustrated in the treatment of organs where patients may require organ transplants. When compared to white patients, black patients do not get as much information and this in many ways jeopardizes their health. It follows therefore that even where the black patient would be in a position to access an organ transplant, they do not have information to that effect and this heightens racial…show more content…
An example is that of a malnourished child who can be from any racial background but when the term malnutrition comes on board, the social service provider associates it to non whites. It is clear that there has been failure on the part of healthcare providers which can be amended by removing stereotypes and taking each case as special.
Racial Identity Development (RID) is important to an individual in coming to terms with the day to day hardships that racial profiling presents people as well as the disparities they are constantly faced with. Though achieving cultural awareness and skills is not enough, they have helped in building bridges.
As a healthcare provider, the bridges built in the awareness phase heave led to cultural desire which coupled with intrinsic motivation have helped me aspire rather than feel mandated to provide care. As a healthcare provider it is wrong to provide services out of professional obligation but from moral compulsion and humanity’s sake. After engaging in RID a health care provider is able to understand healthcare seekers who are undergoing the same phase as well as help in alienating oneself from falling under the spell of being the source of racial
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