The Importance Of Disney Movies

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Disney movies have made such a huge impact on children of all ages and is still making an impact on adults as well. Disney has produced countless movies to serve different life lessons and morals for the audiences to take away with them. Disney movies have been so beloved by multiple generations. And there is a definite reason why; Disney does the magic in our lives.
I grew up watching Lion King, Mulan, and Pinocchio. In Pinocchio, there were the scenes in the Pleasure Island, where, when the children had enough time doing what children are not allowed to, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, wrecking places, and fighting, they would turn into donkeys. I was shocked when the Pinocchio turns into a donkey. I was afraid of becoming a donkey, so I remember that I always tried to live honestly. Mulan, she is my all-time favorite character of my life. She never gives up on her fate. She does not want to be a background of someone else’s life. She fights against an unjust cultural norm, that women should be obedient and expected to be pretty and quiet like a porcelain doll, and saves her country. Her persistence inspired me to be an independent, adventurous person, no matter any kind of obstacles hinders me to be myself. In Lion King, the apparition of Mufasa tells Simba “Remember, who you are,” when Simba loses his identity
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It is about the story of a boy, Owen Suskind, who struggled with autism, but learned how to communicate with the outside world through his love of Disney films. Owen was diagnosed with autism when he was 3. As Owen withdrew into his silent state, his parents almost lost hope that he would find some way to interact with the world meaningfully. However, Owen found a way to understand the world through the stories of Disney movies. The film covers the life of Owen that how he manages to become as functional as possible with the help of Disney and his family to the point of having his own
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