The Importance Of Disobedience

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Throughout past, present, and for years to come mankind has changed, evolved, and eventually progressed through disobedience of higher power, a social hierarchy yearning to be surpassed. The fundamental virtue of man is disobedience. It is engrossed in the idea of free will itself. Through extensive observations of society of past and present, the idea of disobedience being the way progress has and will be made is a true and factious claim; looking at the original sin of Adam and Eve, the exposure of sexual misconduct in the film industry, and the public views on the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana.

The age-old tale of Adam and Eve, the original sin of man and the basis of free will and choice. Disobedience has always been in the world, it always will be. It is a valuable human trait that promotes social progress and change. In past, it has been through rebellion that change has occurred. Adam and Eve is a perfect example of disobedience leading towards progress. The supposed first two humans on Earth, were told by God not to eat the apples from the Tree of Knowledge. Short-story-short, they each ate the apples and instantly became knowledgeable about the world. It is through greed and ambition of power that they made the choice to disobey direct orders from the higher power. Greed, ambition, and disobedience go hand in hand with one another. The underlying social hierarchy that society has created for itself based on power given to the wealthy people of

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