Society Without Respect Essay

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As a teenager in high school I have witnessed countless situations in which my peers have lacked respect for their administrators, their teachers and even their own peer whom they considered to be their friends. And from this first hand experience I can say that society cannot function efficiently without respect. I believe that society cannot function without respect because students who disrespect their teachers by openly defying the instructions of a teacher could lead to a chain reaction of events that interfere with not only their education, but the education of their classmates. Many students, especially younger impressionable students will take the example of the disrespectful students and will begin to disrespect their teacher. Consequently,…show more content…
Although disrespect is not found in students and young adults it can also be a problem that is found occurring with other adults. Any situation that allows a person to show disrespect will end with negative impacts on those who are being disrespected and the ones who lack the respect. This is why as a society we should take a step forward in working together to exemplify what it is to be respectful and to work to help others achieve a more respectful personality. This may seem difficult to change an established habit for both teenagers and adults, but we cannot expect for change to occur if no one is willing to take a step forward and call someone out on their behavior. There are many factors that have an influence in the development of a functional society, but the most vital is respect. Respect is a trait that many must possess when preparing to enter a professional job setting or higher education institution. And any sort of disrespect will not be tolerated and may cause a person to lose their job and the respect of their peers. In society there are a variety of people who come from different countries that possess beliefs and cultures that are
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