The Importance Of Distracted Driving In Schools

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All throughout the majority of my high school career I have watched all different kinds of public service announcements. The high school system loves to incorporate these multitudes of videos to try to convey a message. As a high school student I can confidently say that neither me nor my peers can learn from or relate to these videos. In driver 's education and health class every highschooler has to watch these public service announcements on stopping distracted driving. The videos that the school provides are often completely outdated and make you wonder if the tragedy at hand actually happened to the people poorly acting in each of the videos. Although there are one or two videos out there that actually may have an impact on the viewer, the…show more content…
Distracted driving is a huge issue. The school system really needs to find an effective way to try to teach students to break this habit. My strong opinion is that public service announcements that are given by the school system really do not have any personal impact on anyone in the audience. When you are watching the blurry faces of really bad actors in a really low budget public service announcement, there is no personal contact or interest in the story at hand. However, most people have gone through really trumatic experiences because of distracted driving. If you take one of those students who has dealt with the consequences of distracted driving and have them explain their experiences and explain how distracted driving impacted their lives, it is way more likely that the message will be portrayed well through the words of a broken…show more content…
With the public service announcements that the school system has access to, there are very many more options when looking into stopping distracted driving with the school. The only way to really convey such an important message is there a personal connection. When looking into solutions for distracted driving, it is important to try to find people who can influence the audience in a personal way instead of random strangers poorly acting their way through the very common distracted driving stories. There are so many people in the world who have been deeply affected by distracted driving that in every school there are always people who can step up and tell their story to reach out to a wider audience on a more personal level. That is the way that the school system will effectively fight distracted

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