The Importance Of Diversity At Rutgers University

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One of my favorite parts of Rutgers University is the ability to meet people that may live only 20 minutes away but have experiences that are a complete contrast to your own. During my first-year at Rutgers University I thought I knew what diversity was, I was raised in Jersey City, one of the most diverse cities in the nation, so when I came to Rutgers I did not expect to find more diversity. At Rutgers, I have had the opportunity to meet people that are not just diverse in culture but also in age and experience. Here I have met a non-traditional student who graduated almost a decade ago and came back to get a second degree after finding a new passion. I have had the opportunity to grow closer with intriguing people such as a triplet, a professional photographer, and a professor who is deaf but defied the odds…show more content…
This students’ tale is one that embodies what diversity at Rutgers means, his story is something so unique that I believe it can only be found here. The diversity of Rutgers University, has made my experience at Rutgers exciting, prompting me to interact with people that I previously may have been too shy to interact with. The diversity of the campus, students, and staff make Rutgers a comfortable place to live as there will always be at least one person that matches your interest here, whether it is playing Pokemon Go, Kendama, or even just Underwater Basket Weaving. The diversity of Rutgers University has helped me find not only people that match my competitive nature but compliment it with their own fiery natures, which has made Rutgers a place that I can honestly say I love and
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