Definition Essay: What Does Diversity Mean?

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Diversity, what does this unique word actually mean? Generally, this rare word means differences or variations or unlikeness. Today, research shows that diversity can be categorized into many context such as human context, ecological context, radio and telecommunications, business context and politics. However, Oxford English Dictionary offers different perspective diversity has another meaning for us to give a great focus on. They are pluralism, culture, gender, race, ethnicity, ethnic minority, and affirmative actions. Then so, this is what are we going to discuss about. Every creature is created in diversity. Even the microorganism, the tiniest thing worldwide is different from the other microorganisms, so how about us, the largest quantity of species alive? We are totally different on from each angle. The most similar twins can also differ and can you imagine how many differences are they between Malaysian and Japanese? Your mind will be blown up if dare to list up all the…show more content…
Well, it is not that hard actually. We just have to nurture and cherish our diversity. What I mean by that is practicing equality and justice in our daily lives. Practicing equality is an easy thing to do unless you are a cold-blooded person, then it will be otherwise. For an instance, it can be practiced by treating everyone equally. Let me give you an example, one tall foreigner come to your class and become one of your classmates. You must fancy him just like how you fancy your friends. By doing this, the new kid would feel like home although he is far, far away from it. Then, there will not be any misunderstanding between you and him. In advance, you will get a new friend. Probably can be awkward at first, but you will get used to it eventually. Why do we have to do otherwise? It is just irrelevantly necessary. Doing so will only make you stressed out. Just stay positive and have fun with the new guy. Then, your class will be even merrier and filled with
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