The Importance Of Diversity In Books

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On average, Americans read for about 109 hours in 2005 (“Estimated”). In these 109 hours, each book read most likely had strong themes represented within the book. For example, the themes of diversity, community, and humanity are present in young adult books such as Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Eleanor and Park. The ideas that are presented in these books and their themes can change the way people think and act. The diversity, community, and humanity shown in young adult realistic fiction books affect society in many ways. Diversity is scarce both in and outside of books, which is why it is imperative that people have it. Diversity is an essential part of life and books are one of many forms of communication for diversity. It promotes an understanding of others and can act as a way to spread different cultures and ideas (Rai). Since reading is a way to exercise empathy, contrasting thoughts can be passed on because the reader is acquiring…show more content…
Some readers did just that when they shared their reaction on the website for Thirteen Reasons Why, and one in particular said this: “I rarely felt this way while reading a book. When you realize that you were holding your breath because you didn’t want to disturb the story. Or when you realize that all your muscles were tensed because the character’s muscles were tense. This book made me feel like I was part of the story. And even when I closed the book, I couldn 't get out of the world of ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ before I read the last page” (“Thirteen”). Not only is the relationship between other people important, but so is the link between the reader and the book. This is a very important part of a community because a community is built when people are joined by emotional connections. They begin to feel like they belong to this specific group of people based on the fact that they enjoy the same thing that others do
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