True Canadian Essay

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The definition of Canadian is that simply live in Canada or abroad, but they have Canadian nationality. However, despite this obvious meaning, people who have a Canadian passport often face multiple challenges: no respect, no right to vote and no right to hold public office. Consequently, how do we define a true Canadian? Although those who live outside of Canada or originally were from other nationalities, they should be considered as Canadian the following: acceptance of diversity, providing a fair system and guaranteeing basic human rights.
To begin, people should acknowledge that a variety of diversities are being existence in Canada. Canada is a multicultural country where diverse cultures, organizations and ideologies coexist. Accordingly,
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As a matter of fact, most people come in Canada to escape from suppression, and they wish they have better life and freedom in Canada. They did not come to Canada just to make money. Therefore, people should acknowledge them as members of Canadian without a suspicious look at them. Secondly, rights, responsibilities and pride should be prioritized rather than racial backgrounds. According to the Ishaq (2015), even though there is still being existence prejudice against other races, but Ishaq participates in social business in accordance with her beliefs without any boundary, and enjoys normal life in each position such as mother and social members. This means that she is just acting Canadian experience as a Canadian citizen. Ishaq also maintains that “To me, the most important Canadian value is the freedom to be the person of my own choosing.” (para.7). It is true that the most significant factor is to take freedom without involuntary oppression. This moment that guarantees freedom can truly tell “I am a Canadian.”. Finally, the same opportunities should always be given. Even if they were not born in Canada; however, their legitimate rights are legally guaranteed; therefore, there should not be excluded and they should be able to choose whatever they
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