Synthesis Essay: The Role Of Diversity In Education

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When you think about the word diversity the first thing that comes to mind is a general definition concerning different cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. If you narrow this idea down in terms of universities, diversity can now encompass a whole new set of meanings ranging from intellectual, gender, and racial diversity. The different types of diversity at universities have a major impact on the education experience and who is admitted into it. Despite the concern for diversity, the government should be allowed to enforce laws for pushing diversity when they regard to intellectual diversity, however not in terms of racial, and gender diversity.

In order to promote racial, and gender diversity many educational governance
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For instance, David Horowitz proposed the Academic Bill of Rights which is called to “restore academic values” by “removing partisan politics from the classroom.” ( Source D). In fact, when teacher express their political views, and opinions in the classroom it creates educational biases in the classroom and therefore reduces the learning. The main purpose of professors no matter their political views is to teach students how to think, and not what to think by providing them with different viewpoints on a controversial matter. In addition, Source F emphasizes that “professors have a duty to inject some degree of controversy into the classroom” to “stimulate a healthy intellectual debate” (Source F). The point of education is for professors to provide students with a variety of views on a controversial subject, not provide them with their own opinions. In fact, when teachers provide students with multiple point of views it not only makes them more successful, but also establishes a more effective curriculum and education to students. However, while Source G argues that the Academic Bill of Rights push for diversity by removing the already present politics in the classroom results in teachers censoring their beliefs for students, even when they are “experts in their subject matter.” It is important to remember that
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