Value Of Diversity Essay

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Maya Angelou once said that “in diversity there is beauty and there is strength”.I think this is a great quote to simply put what lies beneath the word diversity and the benefit of it.It is clear that good things come out of diversity yet it is still frowned upon in a large part of society which is ironic as why would anyone be so against something good and positive that will help build a better world to live in.Nevertheless,the awareness of the importance of diversity is gradually increasing and people are starting to realise the significance of it.Therefore,it is our responsibility to protect and create a peaceful environment in which everyone can feel included in society despite the opposition and controversy surrounding diversity. For starters,diversity is important because representation matters.There is a lack of representation in films according to the research that was conducted by Dr Martha where only 12% of protagonists that make up the big screen are female contrary to the 75% of male protagonists.74% of the female characters were Caucasian,11% were African American,4% Latina,4% Asian and 3% otherworldly.Apart from the rarity of seeing people of colour as main characters,when they are given the chance to take on a role where
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