The Importance Of Diversity In My Life

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Not everything in life is easy, we see examples everyday on newspapers, television, internet, or any other informational media. Many people struggle to maintain their lives steady. Over the years, I know individuals that had serious problems growing up, and they have fought them to move on. I share tremendous respect for people that have overcome obstacles to stay in school or work. As I always say, perseverance is what makes a person valuable, and somehow, everyone receives what they have worked for. In our current society, there are many obstacles such as financial problems, discrimination, and fear of failure. Obviously, there are many others and I could talk endlessly about them but those three are the ones that appealed to me the most because I have been a witness of how a person's standing is affected. First of all, I want to…show more content…
I always try to be prepared in case I have to stand up for myself, that is an important think that life has taught me. By observing and analyzing my surroundings I become aware of the difference in many people's lives and mine. I am grateful for not having to experience hardships (that I couldn't handle) throughout my life but I think that is why I am genuinely observant. I am certain that an individual's desired career has a lot to say about who they are and what their persona represents. In my case, I finally chose Civil engineering because my qualities and personal skills are part of this career's base requirements. I am very perseverant even with little tasks, I like completing things to the best of my ability each time. When I fail at something, I try again until my expectations are met, even if I annoy someone. I sure don't try to do so but if someone was to stop trying at something they want to do just to stay on everyone's good side, this world would lack
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