The Importance Of Diversity In Sociology

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Population, people, human, individuals take your pick. They are more than often forgotten in the theories of amelioration. Improvement programs regarding different fields, such as political suggestions many times do not see the root of the problem. For the root itself may not be one, instead plenty. Amartya Sen educated the world on the misunderstood interpretation of poverty, that one can not only look at the economic welfare. It would be ignorant to neglect factors such as gender, political rights, cultural background and the complications that a disability would bring for example. Economists may have their numbers and complicated words when they present. However, those numbers must be questioned for the amount of nutrition a country has does not confirm the amounts division. Therefore the amount of the assets do not explain the stomachs that are being fed. The solution is not simple at all if it was there would not be any poverty left. Moreover, the selfish ways of the human race result in taking three steps forward and two back all at once. What ought to change, what must change is the location of the decision-making. When a decision regarding the least fortunate are made it should not take place at a board meeting with chairs that have the same price as a computer. By individuals who know a lot about theories. However, nothing about the practical part. Therefore a diversity of individuals with different backgrounds is essential. To get people who actually live in

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