The Importance Of Diversity In The United States Army

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Diversity in United States Army

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Introduction 2
Diversity in United States Army 2
Significance of Identity 3
Influence of Prototypes and Assimilation on Individual Identity 4
Adjusting Beliefs and Behaviour of Leader 6
Conclusion 7
References 8

Diversity as a managerial concept focuses on racial diversity due to the historically significant role that is played by race in issues of diversity within the United States Army. It is noted that the internal communication about representative leadership across force has enabled the Army to be strong from its cultural and ethnic diversity. This paper is aimed to consider the perception, attribution, and management of diversity in the United States Army.
Diversity in United States Army
The emphasis of US Army on the diversity and inclusion has proven effective to enable the Army in maintenance of competitive future advantage. The strategic programs have increased minority representation and have enabled the Army to reflect American society. These programs combined with emphasis on broadening assignments as integral element of leader development has allowed the Army to benefit from two positive results of diversity (Erbe, 2014). An inclusive Army is known to be a positive manifestation of nation for espoused commitment to equality and it is specifically important while deploying because Army represents America all across the globe. The cognitive diversity gained by exposing leaders to
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