Divorce Rates

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Divorce is a decision of, usually, two people that results in termination of their marriage. Divorce happens for various reasons. Unfortunately, no matter how sad it sounds, divorce happens almost all over the world, the difference between the divorces is the rates or how frequent the marriage termination is in the country. However, there are some countries, in which the divorce is not legally allowed, these countries are the Philippines, the Vatican City and the British Crown Dependency of Sark (Kaushik).
Religion plays a crucial role in divorce allowance. Even though most of Christian denominations believe that marriage is a life-long event, they still allow spouses to separate. For example, Roman Catholic Church does not allow the remarriage
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To support the idea of how the alcohol affects divorce, I have created the Bar Chart. From the Chart, we can see that out of 3 countries, the most alcohol-dependent one is Canada, with 6, 8%, and Iran and Saudi Arabia share the second place with 0, 3%. Another Bar Chart shows the divorce rate among these countries. The highest divorce rate is in Canada – with 48%, almost half of the marriages end up in separation. Iran has lower divorce rate – 22% and the lowest divorce rate of all is in Saudi Arabia – 21%. Such results can be explained. Canada is the most developed country out of all, and divorce process is much more comfortable, so when people decide that they no longer can cohabit together, it is not a massive problem for them to part. Iran and Libya are both Islamic countries, so the divorce rate is reasonably lower. In Islam, only a man has a full right to decide whether he wants a divorce. Also, in Islamic countries spouses are often disowned by their own family is they decide to end the marriage, so people are afraid to get an adverse reaction from relatives. Marriage in Islam is often aimed at continuing the family, so as soon as the couple gets married, they usually have children, and getting a divorce is much harder when a couple has children. As mentioned at the beginning of the paper, religious beliefs also affect the marriage and further divorce. For example, in India, there are almost no divorces at all, due to most of the marriages being arranged and family disowning you if you disobey them and decide to get a
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