The Importance Of Diwali

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Traditional Indian cuisine has become acknowledged and treasured by individuals all over the world, especially among the diverse United States. These foods have been passed down through generations along with corresponding explanations of their symbolic meanings through the celebration of prominent holidays, festivals, and rituals (Le, 2017). It is clear that some of the most beloved festivities are celebrated through cultural customs including gifts, fireworks, dress attire, parades, fireworks, and food. Usually, the influential holiday of Christmas comes to mind as a religious time that celebrates family and cheer, however, halfway across the world, the celebration of Diwali is exceptionally reminiscent of our beloved Christmas. Diwali, or…show more content…
Diwali is allegedly one of the busiest times to shop for clothing. Buying clothing in advance ensures the locals of looking their best during the five-day celebration (Aljazeera, 2017). Colorful rangoli rice or powder is used to decorate the homes and streets of India. The artwork is eye-catching and festive as it brightens up the floors in preparation for the festivities. The artwork can be anything imaginable but some common pieces that are created include elegant flowers, gorgeous birds, or the sacred elephants. The fireworks, as well as candles, are used to symbolize the light over darkness among the region. It is assumed that gifts and sweets are exchanged among family and friends to promote the theme of light as well as goodness spread among community members. Diwali, the marker of the new year, may not be a religious holiday, however, prayer is still often practiced to give thanks for a new year (Aljazeera,…show more content…
This is important as it allows everyone, including vegetarians and spiritual leaders, to be able to consume this food. (Flora, 2017). The festival of lights is intended to be an event in which millions can celebrate. Food allows large groups of individuals to come together to “break bread” and celebrate the goodness, light, and new beginnings during Diwali. The Indian cuisine mithai allows Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains from all over the globe to share memories and continue demonstrating pride for cultural traditions, which is why it has such a cultural significance during this time of the

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