Childhood Scandal

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You have just acquired a little puppy and your only desire is to spoil him a lot and make him happy. This is quite understandable, but you must know how to limit yourself, because to be happy, a dog does not need to be the king at home, quite the contrary .

In order for your puppy to be in his place in your family (that is, in his pack), it is obvious that you must be the dominant . If there is a blur about this hierarchy in your dog's mind, that is, if you leave him some dominant prerogatives, he can rebel and eventually become aggressive or destructive later.

This is why it is essential to put your puppy from the start to his dominated social place.

In fact, dominance is around 4 main points:

1 / ACCESS TO FOOD the dominant eats first, the others (dominated) watch him eat, he eats slowly and leaves the pieces less "noble" for the rest of the pack.

2 / THE REST PLACE in the
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But mistakes in education are not irreversible ... and the sooner we go, the easier things are to change. Indeed, a dog can and must understand through education that in a family, humans are the dominant and he is dominated .

With children, it will be necessary to redouble vigilance. A puppy, and even a dog, does not automatically recognize a child for a human: it will seek to position itself hierarchically in relation to this "being". We must therefore ensure that young children do not remain alone and especially not be tempted to show authority by mimicry with an adult until you know the reactions of your puppy.

On the other hand, when it comes to relationships with other dogs, the intervention of the man is useless. It is necessary that dogs establish their dominant / dominated relationship with each other.

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